[futurebasic] Got a program to do this?

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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 08:59:32 -0400

I have some friends that are hosting a horse show. They have literally
hundreds of people who attend the show. Each attendee can register for up
to 50 events. They need a program to keep track of things and prints lists.

So, what they need is something in which they can enter the name, address,
horse name/tag and the events each person wants to attend. Then they want
to be able to sort on the name, horse/tag or event. As such, they can get a
list of all the persons/horses/tag that are in a specific event or which
events a specific person/horse/tag attends. It's pretty simple, but before
I start to write anything or set out to design a database, I thought I
would check with the list first.

Anyone have a program that can do that?


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