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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 15:53:50 -0400
><<...given the edit field of efID, how do you change the font...?>>
>See what happens when you make your questions too telegraphic? :-)
>Were you asking about how to change the appearance of _existing_ text
>(already present in the field), or the appearance of _subsequent_ text output?

Well... your cut/paste of what I said is telegraphic. -- But, you took what
I said out of context. This is what I said:

I want to change the text size and font of a styled edit field that has
been previously created with another font and size.

I figure that I can do this with a:


And then a:

  CALL TESETSTYLE(mode%,newStylePtr&,redaw%,teH&)

However, I don't know all the parameters in the CALL (i.e.,
mode%,newStylePtr&,redaw%,teH&). Can someone tell me what how each of these
parameters are used? Or better yet, given the edit field of efID, how do
you change the font to _geneva and the size to 9?

Also, if someone has a better way to do this, please advise.
-- un quote-------

Now... there is a reason for the "TE" calls (i.e., TESETSTYLE,
use of these type of calls are beyond the normal scope and range of
statements like:

    TEXT fontID, fontSize, fontStyle, fontMode

The problem I was faced with was trying to change the "default" font size
of an existing styled edit field. Why, it may appear simple, I did not find
it so. You see, I had previously defined an edit field in PG Pro and could
not get it to remain at 9 point. Regardless of what I did, using standard
TEXT statements, any text posted to the edit field in question would be 12
point in size.

I finally used ResEdit to change the P3G* resource (I think) to fix the
problem. However, I do believe that if I could have figured out what a
newStylePtr& was, I could have solved the problem. And, that was the basic
question to my post which remains unanswered. But, the problem, as
presented, has passed.


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