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From: Jim Henson <vegasswede@...>
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 10:52:09 -0700
>I would LIKE to have it enter that Date automatically .. I see 2 ways to 
>do this
>1. Each time it is opened  .. Make it "Read" the Date Of its Last 
>Modification and insert that date into my Edit Field>>>>

Al Staffieri Jr wrote

>Should be pretty easy if you use DATE$.
>DATE$ returns the current date as dd/mm/yy
>  theDate$ = DATE$
>  PRINT theDate$
>Output would be: "05/03/99"
>So I guess you'd be looking at something like this:
>1. File is opened.
>2. Read STR resource containing last date used.
>3. Show last date in Edit Field
>4. Get current date with DATE$ (theDate$ = DATE$)
>5. Save theDate$ as STR resource to be used next time file is opened.
>Al Staffieri Jr.

I Throw in the Towel

How Do I STORE that Current Date as a STR resource of the resource File

I REALLY Researched this .. BUT .. 

Unless I'm Blind (Something that at times I Am)

There Absolutely No reference in either book on how to do this

My FN Shell .. What goes after  theDate$ = DATE$

LOCAL FN StoreTheDate
  theDate$ = DATE$
  >>>> Store theDate as a STR resource

Which brings up a 2nd question .. 

With a STR# resource, the below puts STR# (500,1) into Edit Field 4

BUT Page 205 of the Hand book SURE don't cover the problem .. AND is 
Confusing as all getout

And the Reference book has Zilch on STR

How do you put a STR resource into an Edit Field

If my STR resource ID is 128 would the temp$ line in the below be

temp$ = STR (128)

>  DIM temp$
>  TEXT _sysFont,12,0
>  EDIT FIELD #-4, "", (742,605)-(827,621),_statFramed, _centerJust
>  temp$ = STR# (500,1)
>  EDIT$ (4) = temp$

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