[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Change Styled Text Font/Size Question

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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 15:16:02 -0400
>tedd wrote:
>> Hi gang:
>> I want to change the text size and font of a styled edit field that has
>> been previously created with another font and size.
>You can use the EDIT TEXT statement to change the font, size, style, etc. in
>either a "styled" edit field or an "unstyled" edit field.
>If all the text in the field is to have a uniform font & style (at any given
>time), then it would probably be easier to use a so-called "unstyled" edit
>field.  The text in an "unstyled" field can actually be of any font, size,
>style, etc.; its only limitation is that all pieces of the text must have the
>same attributes.  Here's a demo that changes the font, size & style in an
>"unstyled" field (better names for these would be "mono-styled" and
>"multi-styled" fields).
>- Rick


Thanks for the code and the advise.


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