[futurebasic] DCODs & calling functions

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From: "Pete" <furbies@...>
Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 05:09:54 +1000
Hi all....

I'm writing an app that will use DCODs to handle processing of data.
(This will let me add extra functionality as required without having to
rerelease complete apps, also allows for easier bug fixes)

Can I pass the address of a FN which lives in the app calling the DCOD and
have the DCOD use the FN as if it was just another FN ??

Huh I hear you saying...

App calls DCOD in an external file, passes to DCOD addresses of FNs that the
DCOD might want.

DCOD decides that it wants to send something to the printer, so using the
address of the print FN that was passed to it when it was CALLed it does
it's print job (using the following code)

        CALL addressOfPrintFN& (textH&)

address of print FN is obtained by doing:
        addressOfPrintFN& = @FN myPrintFN
in the app at startup time