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From: BMichael@...
Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 23:18:18 EDT
>I just visited the new FutureBasic Web site. It occurs to me that Bill
>Michael is to FutureBasic as Guy Kawasaki was to Macintosh.

Hmmm.... does that mean I can go on a speaking tour, and write 

>Yeah. Except, Guy got paid!

Ah yes, there is that difference - which meant he could do it _full_ 
time, instead of between trying to get my fence standing again (the OK 
tornados apparently spawned TX high winds) and going to work...

>where is the new site?


And, an updated repost for any who may have missed it... since the 
subject line was something about PG lists...

>OK so I have figured out how to make arrow keys, pgup, pgdown, home and end 
>work with my scrolling list in a PG project. I would be glad to send the 
>routine (a modified version of the Extended keyboard filter) as freeware to 
>an archive somewhere.
>What must I do to make it "ready"?
>Where should I send it?

Here are the posting rules for futurebasic.org! (Note that these are only 
for futurebasic.org, the other sites I'm sure will have different rules. 
And we're still working on a simpler, multi-site, method.) I just put 
these up on the "what is futurebasic.org" page today, but I'll give the 
long version here.

Put your files in;


You need to drop in two files. I'll use this project as an example - I'll 
guess that the name is "PG Scroll Keys". (If something requires PG, I'd 
like the name to reflect that if possible...)

The first file to drop in is "PG Scroll Keys folder.sit" - yes, _folder_ 
(or option-f), because you need to have the function _and_ a "readme" in 
there on how it works, who wrote it, etc, unless it's _very_ simple. 
Compress it with Stuffit - preferably an older version, 3.x or 4.x - and 
don't bother making it a .sea or .hqx or whatever. The server is a Mac, 
the clients are Macs, we don't need any of that "cross-platform" space 
wasting. (If you don't have Stuffit, use whatever you've got and I'll 
download, recompress, and re-upload. It'll just take longer.)

The second file to drop in is "PG Scroll Keys instructions". This is a 
file FOR ME, not for the end-users. I'll delete it after I've read it. It 
needs to contain at the very least "where to put it", in other words 
under Sample Source, Programs, or what. I'd _really_ like you to include 
an HTML "snippet" matching what's on the pages - in other words, the 
name, who wrote it, with email address, and a real short "what it does". 
That'd save me time indexing the file, editing the HTML, etc.

One other item - email me, either at <mailto:BMichael@...> or 
<mailto:webmaster@...> and tell me that you've uploaded a 
file. Otherwise I might not notice, until somebody else uploads one.

Oh - as always, if the information superhighway is closed for 
construction, or you just can't get to the dropbox, email me the whole 
mess, and I'll sort it out manually.

Thanks! And everyone - if you have something that's already at some other 
site, and you wouldn't mind having it at futurebasic.org as well, send it 

P.S. _Any_ public domain FB source is welcome, as are tools & utilities 
for FB programming, freeware applications done in FB, _small_! shareware 
(preferably low-cost) applications, demos of large applications, etc. 
Large or commercial applications, I'd be willing to put on the CD, but 
not on the web site. Email if any questions.

What CD? Shame on you... you haven't visited the site! :-)