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From: Sylvain Guillemette <allmedia@...>
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 01:19:23 -0500
>Hi, I'm new to the list, but I've been programming for 5 years and using
>FutureBasic for almost 2.  I was wondering if anyone could tell me a starting
>point for researching how to write a program in FB that interacts with a MIDI
>Brian Jones
>The Pipe Dream Collective

Ahhh, I've tried so many times.
You can get a direct connection with the serial port but
it's very limited if you want to distribute your apps
to peoples with different setup/configurations.

You need at least to support the MIDI Manager.
Or better, OMS from Opcode and FreeMIDI from MOTU.

Somewhere in the FB Examples folder you
will find the asm functions to use the
MIDI Manager with FB.

BUT! There is absolutely no documentation!
The only place where the docs were available
is from APDA, and it doesn't exist anymore.
It was part of the MIDI Manager SDK.
(it is now unsupported by Apple and discontinued)

AFAIK, the OMS SDK has not been converted to FB.

Good luck,