[futurebasic] TIFF LZW with STAZ FLTRs (was B&W G3 Marching Ants)

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From: "jonathan" <jonathan@...>
Date: Thu, 06 May 1999 13:04:26 +0200
> Has anyone else found this? Is it a B&W G3, extension conflict or MacOS 8.5
> problem?

This brings to mind a problem that Alain and I have encountered, of a
feature 'disappearing'.

As most folks know, Alain distributes FB here in France, which means doing
tech support...

So, a user bought the Staz's RdWrUtilities and the Image ones. And now says
that he can no longer access LZW compression with the filter. I was at
Alain's place when the mail arrived, so we launched FB, dug out the filters,
ploughed over the commands, and sure enough, whether we saved a TIFF file
with or without LZW, the file was identical in size. Thinking that we must
be at fault we grabbed FuturePaint and did the same from there. Identical in
size (down to the same number of bytes) with or without LZW compression.
We believed that LZW was available in the Code that the installer placed in
the app, but now we're wondering if it was in a version of QuickTime.

We're using French System 8.5, QuickTime 3 (pro) installed.

Has anyone else come up against this?

PS. We also tried with CCITT, and Packbits compression. Niet.