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From: "jonathan" <jonathan@...>
Date: Thu, 06 May 1999 13:11:59 +0200
> Jonathan (thanks, Jonathan) replied he'd a similar problem which he got
> around by using
> PEN 1,1,1,_patXOR,3
> With some twiddling, I managed to get the static dotted box up and running
> again.
> (Note that I never had this problem on pre-G3 machines, like my 68K based
> powerbook.

Although this isn't the answer to your question (which was - why does this
happen in the first place...?) this may help you draw the marching ants.

In your HANDLEEVENTS loop, jump to a FN doMarchingAnts
You'd then need to see if there's a selection active, if not quit the FN
(You could place this before jumping even:

 IF gRegionActive% THEN FN doMarchingAnts
UNTIL theManInTheMoonComesDown
The idea is that you use 2 patterns, that you alternate, to get the
shimmering, marching ants effect, three patterns would be more effective...
You could keep in gRegionActive% the number of the pat you used last time
So the work would be XOR out the previous region frame
put the new pattern number in gRegionActive%
draw the new pattern.

t would be best to also have a timer, so that, as machines get faster still,
you animation doesn't start to blur.


PS. Another idea, instead of using different patterns, you could use just
one, but rotate it. There is code in the Windoid WDEFexample showing how to
'move on' a pattern. If you moved one by one pixel each time the diagonal
line pattern, you should get a good marching ants effect.