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Subject: STR#
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I am still having problems with STR# resources....

My access is:  AZ$=STR#(_procedureslistSTR,PROCEDURE)

If I key the resource as purgeable with ResEdit, the date will easily be
garbage after using for awhile, I assume the memory manager tosses it and
then the above will not load the information.  If the resource is coded to
not be purgeable, then I do not have the garbage data but the program will
crash if used for hours generally with a type -39 error.

This has been frustrating for over a year now.  I have used deBug II and
checked the constants etc....can't get a reason.

Has anyone else had this frustration and hopefully a fix?

I don't understand why the nonpurgable version gets trash. Are you changing 
the str# resource, if so are you using the pGreplaceRes function. Is the 
resource in an external file, if so you may need to set the current resource 
file to access, then reset back to what ir was prior.

Don't scare me like this, I am starting to use a lot of str# resources!