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From: "Terrald J. Smith, M.D." <tjsmith@...>
Date: Fri, 07 May 1999 09:50:29 -0500
>>From what I can see, you are simply trying to read in a large number of
> strings into your program. My current program deals with numerous strings,
> up to 500K in size and each string having up to 384 characters in length. I
> think my method will work for you, but first I have a few questions:
> Are all your strings 49 characters in length? Does this length remain
> constant? Is there a deliminator between strings (i.e., tab, return, etc.)?
> tedd

Actually, they are 48 characters in length (for this record only, some other
records are different but this is my largest set (16000)).  The DIM 49 is to
keep the size down from the default 256.

No, no deliminator

The suggestion that Jay made:
FOR Myloop=1 TO itemnumber
  POKE @DIAGNOSIS$(Myloop),48                         'Set length byte
  BLOCKMOVE [StrHndl&]+gOffSet&,@DIAGNOSIS$(Myloop)+1,48  'move string
  gOffSet& = gOffSet& + 48                  'get offset of next string

really speeds the loop.  However, the READ
FILE#FILENUMBER,@DIAGNOSIS$(0),Filesize& that I have to use still takes a
couple of minutes over the network.  If done on a local computer, you can't
even trace it it is so fast....therefore just a slow network.  This is still
faster than the 30+min. that forced me to do the STR# thing.  But I still
hate minutes instead of seconds.  I still will not redo the STR# thing at
you guys suggestion (because of the size).

Sure do appreciate you awsome guys