[futurebasic] [FB] B&W G3 Marching Ants Answer

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From: Jamin <benjamen@...>
Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 09:44:12 +1000
Otto Schlosser said something like:

> >Some of the C guys at work hit this as well,  Apple have removed or
> >changed the required pattern resource in the ROM file of the G3 machine.
> >More importantly - Why did they do it? (Otto, are you out there...  can
> >you get the inside info?)
> I'm here for you, man. ;^} I don't have the demo - what call is causing
> the problem?

I was organizing a demo, and came down to the following lines of code:

PEN 15,15,,_patXOR,5
PLOT 10,10 TO 200,10

This does not work on a Blue & White G3 Mac.  You just get a black blob.  I had assumed that the pattern resource was missing, or had been changed.  This problem also affects the rectanges drawn by the Finder when you "grow" a window.  Out of blind habit I decided to startup without extensions to see if made any difference - and it did!.  The machine was running a stock-standard system install, so I had a look thru the system folder for anything that I didn't reconize....  Then I saw it....  the ATI graphics accelerator.  I have heard that a video card in a mac can override any Quickdraw functions - to provide faster methods, so I removed all the ATI extensions and restarted.  The problem was gone!

I am sorry to have awoken you Otto, as I'll blame this on ATI, not Apple.  I hope you will not punish me by making me cross-reference and proof read a new volume of Inside Mac :-)

Thanks for being -there- for me