[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Funny Looking 8.5?

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From: Charlie Dickman <charlied@...>
Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 20:45:02 -0400
>Not only what you two describe, but have any of you noticed that programs
>like PhotoShop have menus that are a different color than the new off-white
>8.5 menus? What is does is to create a horizontal banding of white and
>off-white on menus. Any one notice that?
>So apparently even the big-boys are not up to speed with the new appearance

In at least 2 cases, BBEdit and Netscape's Navigator, they use the Mercutio
MDEF for their menus. Versions of Mercutio prior to 1.5.2 (the current one)
have a problem with the Appearance manager. It's possible that PhotoShop
and others have the same problem. If you feel like hacking on a copy of an
app download the latest Mercutio MDEF from


then use ResEdit or Resourcerer to update the MDEF, FOND and NFNT resources
in a copy of the suspect app. If this is what the problem is you should see
the menus change to black on gray but Mercutio still doesn't fully support
the Appearance manager.

Charlie Dickman