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From: Jim Henson <vegasswede@...>
Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 03:48:23 -0700
 Chris Pereira Wrote

>Lately I've seen a few posts from a few people that have seen some strange
>stuff happen to their applications when they're running under OS 8.5. Is
>there a problem with 8.5 in general, or is there some negative interaction
>between FBII and OS 8.5?

Chris .. As far as I'm concerned .. OS 8 thru 8.5.1 is a REAL PAIN 

I don't know if it is as "Buggy As A Boarding House Mattress" or it is 
just "Quirky"

To me .. Its a Tail That Wags The Dog .. 

I'm SERIOUSLY thinking about reverting back to 7.6.1 .. It was the most 
stable & friendly System since 6.2.5

Using Staz's Terminology .. The Apple "Propeller Heads" built a Monster 
of Half JUNK & Half something else .. 

It is like the "Swiss Army Knife" .. It does everything .. BUT IT DOES 

Lots Of Flash .. But No Cash .. Scads of Flashy Features that take up 
many mgs of Hard Drive Space .. But are either useless or a big pain .. 

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