[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Mac OS 8.5 and FBII apps

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From: Jim Henson <vegasswede@...>
Date: Sat, 8 May 1999 09:52:04 -0700
>I agree with the principle that you ought to work with a system that does
>what you need it to do and does it right. FB runs wonderfully on 7.6.1, so
>why not write your code on that? If you're distributing your software, you
>have to qualify it against the newer Mac OS releases, of course (I have to
>make a living, too.:^)
>Otto Schlosser


As an added Note/Question .. Is CyberDog Dead .. 

I can't get CyberDog 2 to work with 8.5.1 .. It worked slow and "Odd 
Ball" under 8.1 and flat Died under 8.8.1 ..

It keeps demanding I install Extensions that are already installed .. 

It seems to be "A Blind Dog In A Meat House"

That "Puppy" was the BEST of the Browsers .. And Lots Faster on download 
than NetScape OR Explorer ..

I sure miss that there "Hound Dog"

Jim Henson,The Vegas Swede, (^_^) s aplenty

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