[futurebasic] re: buggy DCOD?

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From: "Pete" <furbies@...>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 01:53:33 +1000
Sorry to have wasted the lists' time with this...

It turns out that the problem was that I was using a constant for one of the
vars I was passing to the DCOD

instead of "saying" selector I was "saying" _getModuleSpecs and for some
reason it was causing the app or the DCOD to die

This works:
selector = getModuleSpecs
CALL "DCOD", 128, errorVar%, (selector, @gSMGblk)

This doesn't:
CALL "DCOD", 128, errorVar%, (getModuleSpecs, @gSMGblk)

Anyway thanks to all who had a look at my problem


> First off let me apologise for the size of this post
> Can someone see what might be wrong with the following code
> I can't get it to work...
> When ever I call the DCOD my app crashes, so I'm assuming that there's
> something wrong with the DCOD
> I've tried just about anything I can think of but no luck
> Tia
> Pete...
> '=========================================
> RESOURCES "vers.rsrc","rsrcRSED","DCOD",128,"Another Module"
> COMPILE 0, _MacsBugLabels _CaseInsensitive _DimmedVarsOnly _pointerVars
> _OptimizeAsInt
> '=========================================