[futurebasic] Re : [FB] buggy DCOD?

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From: "jonathan" <jonathan@...>
Date: Sun, 09 May 1999 10:34:39 +0200
Pete sed:
> '=========================================
> RESOURCES "vers.rsrc","rsrcRSED","DCOD",128,"Another Module"
> COMPILE 0, _MacsBugLabels _CaseInsensitive _DimmedVarsOnly _pointerVars
> _OptimizeAsInt
* Beware of MacsBugLabels in DCOD
* What does _pointerVars give you?
* personally I wouldn't use _caseInsensitive, and just use _dimmedVarsOnly
to catch typos, but that's personal.

I build DCODs differently, starting with:
> ENTERPROC% (gModuleSelector%, gSMGrecPtr&)
I would now did all vars here.
then a jump to "main". In the space between vars and "main"
I put the sub routines that I use...

I don't use FNs. but GOSUB, for 3 reasons:
1: no globals in this way, the DCOD is self contained
2: slight gain of space, if you pusha agin that 32K limit it can be useful
3: slighly faster too