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From: David Kessler <dkessler@...>
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 22:04:32 +1000
Please unsubscribe thanks. Please delete us from your list.

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please unsubscribe ! Many thanks.

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>> My problem with this (MY problem) is that I cannot figure out how to use 
the array issue with over 15000 strings with one resource and about 900 with 
the other. <<

> !!!!!!! That's a lot of strings. _Way_ too many to store in STR#  resources 
and read into an array one at a time. Is there any particular  reason you 
_have_ to use STR# resources? Could all that be in a data file? <

No kidding, Bill, and I thought _my_ apps were verbose. But if you (original 
asker, not Bill) _do_ need or prefer to keep them in STR# resources, clean up 
as you go along--

gameString& = FN GETRESOURCE(_"STR#",resnumber)
tempstr$ = STR#(resnumber, exactnum)
'now do your stuff
CALL RELEASERESOURCE(gameString&) 'now put your toys away
gameString& = 0

I may even have cribbed this from the manual, way back when. 
String resources are very well-behaved as long as you put them away as soon 
as you're done with them and don't leave them flopping around like beached 
fish until the Memory Manager tide washes them away. And for heaven's sake 
distribute them among more then two resources-- if it's too big for ResEdit 
to list, it's flat-out too big.

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