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From: Lucy24@...
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 14:28:45 EDT
For those of you who didn't run screaming out of the room at the sight of yet 
another memory-related question:

This one's a real wonky. A tester reported that one of my games (not the one 
that's officially In Testing) consistently crashed her mac at certain points. 
After close investigation she discovered that the thing grabs 3.5-4 megs of 
RAM _at startup_ with monitor set to 256. (On my Mac it takes around 1.3 at 
startup-- at "millions.") None of my other games behave this way on her Mac; 
she gave me the whole set of numbers and they're pretty much in line with my 
own memory levels (in the 1.5 - 2.5 range depending on how many sounds and 
gWorlds are involved). Just the one aberration. 

Of course she tried the vanilla fix of trashing prefs, to no avail. (The only 
thing in prefs that's even remotely memory-related is a three-way option 
between changing bitdepth to 256 / leave it alone / put up dialog at startup.)

Obviously this is not enough information to even _guess_ at a diagnosis. What 
kind of information should I look for? Does anyone know of some particular 
combination of circumstances that causes apps running under OS 8.1 to grab 
huge amounts of memory? Any extensions that interact with specific Toolbox 

If anyone can suggest follow-up _questions_ for me to ask, I'd be grateful.

--> Mel, on earlier problem, I tried locking sound handles individually by 
name, and plugging in a few extra bits of error checking. So far it seems to 
have licked the problem-- which showed up only on my own Mac, not my 
testers'. We'll see.