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From: AlStaff@...
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 08:30:17 EDT
>This one's a real wonky. A tester reported that one of my games (not the one
>that's officially In Testing) consistently crashed her mac at certain points.
>After close investigation she discovered that the thing grabs 3.5-4 megs of
>RAM _at startup_ with monitor set to 256. (On my Mac it takes around 1.3 at
>startup-- at "millions.") None of my other games behave this way on her Mac;
>she gave me the whole set of numbers and they're pretty much in line with my
>own memory levels (in the 1.5 - 2.5 range depending on how many sounds and
>gWorlds are involved). Just the one aberration.
>If anyone can suggest follow-up _questions_ for me to ask, I'd be grateful.

Ask her if she had any graphics stored on the clipboard when trying to run 
your game. When an FB created app is launched, the contents of the clipboard 
is stored in the applications memory. If your tester uses a program such as 
Photoshop often, it's possible that she may almost always have a PICT on the 
clipboard taking up several Mb.

If you think that may end up being the problem, you can go here for more info 
on the subject (the pixmix site is awesome):

Al Staffieri Jr.