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From: Michael Malone <crochety@...>
Date: Sat, 15 May 99 08:11:34 -0700
>My last message--------
>I'm trying to open a resource file as raw data, then read/write to/from 
>it. I'm doing this for downloading & uploading in my communications 
>program. I found out, from the people @ pixmix, how to do the opening 
>I now need to know how to read/write. Here is my routine for opening 
>resource files....
>To clarify---------
>I need a futurebasic-compatible version of the toolbox calls "FSRead" and 
>"FSWrite" (from Inside Macintosh). FutureBasic doesn't recognize these 
>two calls. Thanks again.
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Not sure that it directly addresses your problem, but there is a 
"Res-to-file-to-res" example on the Staz site at :


It may be worth looking at.


Mike Malone