[futurebasic] Re: Re: [FB] Function Junction II update

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From: BMichael@...
Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 19:16:49 EDT
>There's a tech note on Staz's site about REGISTER(A5)
>It says:
>[42] Using Register Based Patterns
>It has long been a habit of ours to use register based offsets to get to a
>pattern. This is how we normally did it:
>CALL PENPAT(#REGISTER(A5)+_Gray) : REM Bad dog!
>On a small number of machines, (actually, we only had it happen once) this
>can cause a crash. The revised call will always work.
>We have modified the List Manager CDEF (LMCD) in program Generator to
>contain the revised pattern offset. You may down load the new version here.
>Use ResEdit to install it in your project file.

Since "REGISTER" is an illegal instruction on a PPC compile, the above is 
fine as long as you stick to 68K code... (FBII) To work on PPC, you have 
to get rid of it entirely, which is what using STUFFHEX and GETMAINDEVICE 
do; still looking for a way around the INIT shell uses of it.