[futurebasic] Scrolling lists

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From: MoorePrint@...
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 10:51:19 EDT
I am starting to do alot with STR# lists in my PG project. FN viewlist is a 
handy function for scrolling to and selecting an element in the list. 
Unfortunately it always scrolls just enopugh so the the selected element is 
at the bottom of the field. I want to leave it selected but scroll up 4 or 5 
more elements so I can see what is around that selection. I can't seem to get 
my scrolling list to scroll without selecting a new element. I have tried 
scroll button and call lscroll with no luck.

What is the proper way to scroll a scrolling list without selecting an 
element (emulate clicking in the scroll bar)?