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From: "Pete" <furbies@...>
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 11:49:14 +1000
If I have a group of globals declared in my GLBL file thus:

'printer.incl DEF FN references
DIM gTopOfPrinterGlbls%;0
DIM gXprintDlog&
DIM gXtoPrintEngine&
DIM gXcalcPageRects&
DIM gXdoPageHeaderAndFooter&
DIM gXcalcPictDrawRect&
DIM gXcheckFontAndSize&
DIM gXinsertFormattingIntoTxtHndl&
DIM gXcreateTxtHndl&
DIM gXdeleteTxtHndl&
DIM gXpadTxtWithSpaces&
DIM gXisLaserTest&
DIM gBottomOfPrinterGlbls%;0

If I want to calculate the size of the globals at run-time in prep for a
blockmove of these same globals can I do ????:

blkSize& = @gBottomOfPrinterGlbls% - @gTopOfPrinterGlbls%

BLOCKMOVE @gTopOfPrinterGlbls% somePointer&, blkSize&

What/why I'm doing this for is:
I want to be able to call FNs in my app from my DCOD.

So to do this I need to be able to set up the DCOD so it knows the addresses
of the FNs to be shared so I can do the
DEF FN someFNname (x,y,z) using gOrigFNaddress&


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