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From: AlStaff@...
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 17:26:26 EDT
<< Dunno, works fine for me. Check out TN 38 on Staz's web site. Is this 
using FBII, latest version? Per the TN, try inserting a 
% _ACount, 0
at the beginning of the program and see if that helps. >>

The latest FB II update should fix this without requiring the "% _ACount, 0".

1. Make sure you are using FB 2.3.1. If not, then download the update patch 
from Staz's web site at: http://www.stazsoftware.com/updater.html
2. make sure the ".OS 8 patch 2" tool in the tool manager is set to autoload.

Al Staffieri Jr.