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From: Robert Covington <t88@...>
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 21:06:34 -0700 (MST)
>>We use Kagi to sell our FileMaker Pro plug-ins and a few applications.
>>We've found them to be easy to work with, prompt and accurate with
>>payments, and they save us a lot of time for the small % they take from
>>the sale.
>I don't think 11-12% would be my definition of a small %...;-)
>I've used them for 3 years and won't be using them any more.
>Mel Patrick

Depends on the product demand and its initial price I guess as to whether
they are worth it or not.

I don't know why you are paying that much unless it is because you are
overseas maybe. For a check, it comes out to 9 percent plus 37 cents per
product, for VISA and others, 10 percent plus 37 cents, this according to
the faq. 6.5 percent basic charge, 2.5 more for check, 3.5 for cards. Plus
37 cents.

I just registered Data Rescue recently using Kagi because it saved my email
when Norton wouldn't. I also bought Disk Warrior at their own site (Alsoft)
which rendered that registration unneeded, because Disk Warrior saved the
whole hard drive and remounted the disk.

But I wouldn't have registered the other one at all if it wasn't for Kagi,
because Kagi is convenient in my opinion. Convenient is important for the
consumer and potential registrations. If you aren't getting registrations
because it isn't as convenient, when you could be getting registrations
that you wouldn't otherwise get because it is convenient, you may make
money you wouldn't have made otherwise, even with Kagi's take.

Data Rescue was $39, I figure Kagi took $4.27 of that, so the author got
close to $35 dollars still, and if it wasn't convenient to pay at a central
location I probably would not have until later.

Graphic Converter is a good case in point. If that program was Kagi based,
it would have been registered the same day and time I registered Data
Rescue. But I had to go to his WWW site, which is down at times, and when I
tried to go through his form, I was supposed to download a whole new
security certificate that I nor Netscape had heard of. So I held off. Now
Mr. Lemke might not appreciate having to share a portion of his well
deserved fee with Kagi, but if he was using Kagi, he would at least have
something...now. :)

When I get that certificate issue worked out to my satisfaction, I will be
glad to pay him though. I think perhaps if one can bear it and the product
wouldn't suffer that much from it (because it is a strong product for
example) it would be good to build the Kagi price into the asking price for
the shareware.

In the de-merit dept. for Kagi, I registered the Data Rescue program on
5.9.99 and did not get email notification and the code to enter until
5.15.99. That email showed processing occurred on 5.9.99. I do not know if
this was due to ineptitude on the part of Kagi, or Wildbits.com, the
program code supplier (I presume) or some other thing. A separate email
enquiry mailed a few days earlier about the order was not answered
directly, but I am not sure if that was due to using a wrong email address
for an enquiry like that, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt this
time. If there was one thing I would change about Kagi though, other than
the slow response time I encountered, it would be to _require_ that any
listed program have a valid WWW page. It is more difficult to have good
faith in a developer and to shop with good information when you can't hop
on over to a current Web page to see what the deal is with the program and

Anyway, sorry for the long story. Maybe I am just another Kagi-n the
machine. And of course, my opinion may change once I start using them for
my own program registrations. But for now, I think it is nice to have a
centralized registration area.

Robert Covington

"Another Great Windbag Response From The Desk Of Robert Covington"