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From: PRITCHA@...
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 16:17:04 +0100

Coming in late to this discussion (as usual).

I've only had good experiences with Kagi (except their charges
but hey, its a service and I expect them to make money).
Publishing software on a "traditional route" through a publisher
means that the author gets very little...

>One of the sweeping assumptions made by a lot of programmers who use Kagi
>is that their customers will all have internet access. A portion of mine
>are, a LOT aren't. Hence if your customer base is overseas, you can just
>about write off Kagi. I find its a North American "thing".

Kagi also supplies a REGISTER program for postal customers and alot of
goodly advice on licensing etc. I've had registrations from
other countries not just US - but let's face it - the US is the largest

Other marketting stuff....

>...It is more difficult to have good
>faith in a developer and to shop with good information when you can't hop
>on over to a current Web page to see what the deal is with the program and
Good point, Robert. Three dimensional thinking there :-)

>...I have her convinced I am doing all the work...;-)
Good trick - I'd like to learn that one.

>1. Know who your product will appeal to and how they shop
>2. Know the best way to reach them (www/ads etc)

>7. Send out announcements to some of the Mac site (MacCentral; if you can
>get their attention)
I find VersionTracker and MacNN very useful...

>You'd be amazed where your stuff will end up too. Although I can't read
>them, I've made a few issues of MacLife in Japan,
There seems to be more Mac magazines in Japan than the UK that's for sure.
Some editors are kind enough to send the magazines out to contributing
shareware program authors and its fascinating stuff (even if I can only
look at the pictures!)

>MacFormat in the UK
>(which I can read and love!) and so on.
MacFormat's is my favorite too.

I've also noticed that ever since the Alain's PixMix site has started
the number of hits from France has rocketted upwards - I presume as a
from picking up links from his excellent site.

Which reminds me: there must be more than 17 FB sites...
Anyone with a FB site should get onto the FB web ring and keep it growing!