[futurebasic] Re: memory bloat revisited

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From: Lucy24@...
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 14:12:43 EDT
>> I would love to be able to step back and say that the problem is simply 
>> her Mac is going bonkers and she'd find the same memory thing happening 
>> any & all other applications, it's just coincidence that she noticed it in
>> mine because she's testing and paying extra attention, but, but, but...

> Lucy, exactly what mac (make and model and system) is your user using ?? <

Well, I asked, and got in reply:

>> Feel like scratching your head over this even more? Last night I launched 
Xanadu [the one that only just started acting up]--memory usage normal. Hm. 
Launched CbN [the one that first started going wacko]. Normal?!?! How can 
this be?
[tester] <--  who now suspects her 7200/120, running 8.1, with ATM, PopChar, 
Kaboom!, ..(oh heck, will run TT or NUM, save list and send) is haunted <<

Haunted, hmm, now there's a possibility. Is there a Mac equivalent to bulimia 
(memory binge-and-purge)? Can I now safely stand back and say This Is Not My 

--> meanwhile, sound handle problem reared its head for a moment again the 
other day. Different scene, same situation. Grr. <---