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From: "David Blache" <dblache@...>
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 16:39:06 -0500
>>>>We use Kagi to sell our FileMaker Pro plug-ins and a few applications.
>>>>We've found them to be easy to work with, prompt and accurate with
>>>>payments, and they save us a lot of time for the small % they take from
>>>>the sale.
>>> I don't think 11-12% would be my definition of a small %...;-)
>>If you factor in the cost of establishing and maintaining credit card
>>acceptance services, and the headaches and costs of 24-hour order
>>processing, and all of the other things that Kagi does for you,  11-12% is
>>quite small.  ;-)  And that's why some very notable shareware authors use
> And 80%+ of the world uses Windows but that doesn't make it any more
> respectable IMHO.

It's better than any other I've found.  Do you know something the rest of us

> Sorry David, even running with low batteries in my calculator, I still
> can't seem to factor in value per cost for me.

Have you checked into the costs of starting and maintaining credit card
acceptance services lately?  ;-)  And unfortunately, I can't afford to hang
around the house all day to answer a sales line.  I need someone to take
care of orders for me.

> However, it also largely
> depends on the audience you're servicing. 97% of my purchasers don't use a
> credit card and I don't pay bank service fees for deposits or widthdrawls
> so what little service I did get was pricey. Your own
> situation/demographics may differ.

My situation does indeed differ.  My software is distributed and sold
entirely on the internet. And as such, credit card is the #1 method of
payment, with checks coming in second.  The cost of estabilishing credit
card acceptance, and maintaining it, is quite high for a small one-man
software company such as mine.  In order to make a profit, I have to keep my
operating costs as low as possible.  And without credit card acceptance, and
24/7 ordering, selling on the internet is pretty much impossible.  Kagi is
definitely the right solution for me.

Personally, I don't see why anyone would even be interested in Kagi if they
weren't interested in credit card acceptance.  All of the other stuff is
just frills as far as I'm concerned.

> I won't even comment on the "other" things Kagi does(?) for you, I don't
> have a can large enough for the worms.

I haven't had a problem with them - other than their response time being
slow.  But then you aren't paying for fast response time, or their prices
might be as high as the rest of them.  ;-)  If you can follow instructions,
and are thorough, you can hook up with Kagi fairly easily.  Overall, they
suit my needs just fine.