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From: MAWRPh@...
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 01:14:26 EDT
>For myself, Kagi has always been prompt with sending out email notices for
>registration. What would have helped more is if the customer could get
>their address right, their name right or even order the item they really
>wanted instead of the one they did.

I recently but my software on Kagi because I got a lot of requests to order 
it by Credit Card. They quickly sent me a contract and helped me set up 
on-line ordering but after that, I can't get them to respond. It has been 
about a month and I have been e-mailed by about a dozen "customers" saying 
they have registered with Kagi (and they sent me a copy of the Kagi response) 
but I have yet to get a CC from Kagi. They seem quick to notify the user but 
not the author.

 I have e-mailed them myself about a half doxen times and they have not 
responded. To me this is totally unacceptable service and if it wasn't for 
all the good I have heard about them, I would have given up by now. Anyone 
had problems like this?