[futurebasic] re: FB^3 Questions

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From: PRITCHA@...
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 11:12:07 +0100

>Hopefully this is an acceptable forum for the following questions. If not,
>no flames please :)
>Could someone who is "in the know" please let me know whether or not FB^3
>is going to support the following:
>* semicolon delimited statements
>* ":=" assignments
>(both รก la pascal).
>Also, is there any approximate release date for FB^3?
>James Tolchard.

Unless Staz answers, I think anyone in the know is sworn to secrecy.

Since I'm not, I'll add my $0.02

Release dates for FB^3? Well, pre-announcing FB^3 could damage FBII sales
(IMHO, FBII is still the best BASIC out there despite RealBASIC's recent
mainly because RealBASIC's steep learning curve in relation to FBII and
doesn't "go as far")

I'm sure Staz doesn't want to stop anyone buying FBII just because FB^3 is

I think it's an open secret that FB^3 is due this year. Beta testing is
well advanced
and Staz announced to the list good progress on this to the list last

Hopefully Staz will time the final announcement to make the big splash at
one of the
trade shows. (I should think people on this list will hear about FB^3
before it shows up on web news pages).

Not too sure of the significance of you're comments about
semicolon delimiters and ":=" assignements-
a global replace can change ";" to ":" or ":=" to "=" if you want to
pascal to FB.

I'd still like "LONG IF" to be just "IF" but alas, Staz says it's not to