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From: Robert Covington <t88@...>
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 05:09:40 -0700 (MST)
>>How do the above relate to the below that were also in that post, seems I
>>am missing a pxyz and v array(s), or am I? What are the below statements
>>doing exactly with regards to the above?
>>XYZ *pxyz;  'this the same as accessing record XYZ?
>>TRIANGLE *v; 'this just allocating a list of Triangle records of number v?
>>long *ntri;  'this looks like a DIM and a pointer all in one.
>That's just DIM pxyz.XYZ, DIM v.TRIANGLE, DIM ntri&.
>The comment about _arrays_ of triangles is what's throwing me...

Well it could be arrays of Titans, but.. :) (always wanted to use that pun
in an FB mail.)

You mean my comments (the ? ones), or the two that I included from the
program I am trying to port?


>'Takes as input NV vertices in array pxyz
>'Returned is a list of ntri triangular faces in the array v

>void triangulate(nv,pxyz,v,ntri)

 That "ntri" is getting me too, because I don't know if that is some other
variable that I don't see in the program (snipped and left out by the
author in another FN), or the number the user sets as a desired number of
triangles to end up with...I need all points to be triangulated and as
vertices, because if it is leaving some within other triangles, when I add
a Z coordinate, I am going to be in trouble.

Ah, anybody got any Delaunay or other triangulation routines they could
share? :) 2D or 3D?

Robert Covington