[futurebasic] Mac Hasp dongles for software protection

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From: MoorePrint@...
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 15:39:46 EDT
I have been using the MacHasp (from aladdin knowledge systems) to protect my 
software. There is a resource added to the application and a futurebasic call 
to it to send a code and get a return code from the ADB port dongle.

They have not updated their software for futurbasic so it won't work with the 
new USB dongles. Their envelope utility works with USB but is not compatible 
with 68k application like futurebasic, only PowerPC native applications can 
be protected with it.

They recently issued a new resourrce for "4D" application developers saying 
that the call to the resource function was the same and that changing the 
resource alone would update their applications. I wonder if that resource 
would have to be modified to work with futurebasic, or even if "4D" is 
already powerpc native (making the point moot)?

Does anyone know of a "futurbasic II-USB dongle " protection solution?

All current model Macs have USB! I need to protect my software on them!

Bruce Moore
PowerQuote Software/Moore Printing Company