[futurebasic] Zip Drives (XFB)

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From: "Phil Yates" <pyates@...>
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 16:21:14 +0100
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>>> Sometimes it can't even compile, I get a message saying "an error occured".
>>> makes a click-whir-click-whir sound.

Although I have a Zip drive on my G3, I rarely use it, preferring the size
and speed of an external Jaz. I recently had a problem with a couple of Jaz
cartridges, and when I finally gave up trying to get the data off, I gave
up, and used Iomega Tools to re-initialise the disc. Only to be faced with
an initialisation failure, even though the disc had hardly been used. Tried
everything with the Iomega tools, and every single time the long reformat
failed. These are expensive cartridges !!

So I pulled out an old copy of "MicroNet Utility v7.2.7", and tried to
initialise and reformat the Jaz cartridge. Worked first time on both discs
and mounted them. Then I went back to the Iomega tools, and it reformatted
the cartridges perfectly. And they have worked OK since.

I guess the moral is that the Iomega tools aren't fully trustworthy. Now I'm
not suggesting that it's in their interest to have the reformat fail so that
you have to buy a new cartridge, but ...