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From: Robert Covington <t88@...>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 06:10:14 -0700 (MST)
>>Ah, anybody got any Delaunay or other triangulation routines they could
>>share? :) 2D or 3D?
>>Robert Covington
>What do you want to do?

Thanks to Charlie, Bill, and for the above and other letter Tedd, and also
to anyone I may have missed for the help with those data structures.

>What do you want to do?

(I repeat yourself)

I have a set of 2d points, numbered sequentially in order of creation, in
XY format.

I need to make triangles from point to point so when I add a Z coordinate,
I end up with a mesh. I have a routine which does this fairly well. Not
elegant, but functional.

But I would prefer to have something that didn't require an ordered
knowledge of the points or require that things be in ordered rows as mine
does at the moment (same Y per row, or same X depending on alignments). It
would be nice to feed in a "point cloud" as it is called in 3D vernacular
in either 2D XY pts or 3D XYZ pts and be able to have a routine that will
mesh that into the proper shape automatically.

Eventually, since I generate many extra points in places that aren't needed
necessarily, it would be exceptionally great to be able to decimate the
mesh, that is, decrease the number of triangles without affecting the
overall shape too much. That is beyond my capability at the moment.

With all the "normals" "dot products" and other math all this requires it
hurts my head too much, a head which would rather be making a nice splash
screen or something else artistic. :)

I think at times that I would make a better software designer than a
programmer. Maybe I ought to arm myself with some non-disclosure agreements
and some $ and give it a go sometime. :) By the time I learn all the stuff
needed to actually code what I want to write, it could be years later. Not
a great way to be when things are so competitive out there, and Apple
obsoletes things before they are even done (with their own code too). They
just left QuickDraw 3D in the dust, and that is leaving a lot of people in
a hurt because of their time invested, and OpenGL's lack of similar high
end , easily used features. Macintouch has a whole thread on the subject.

Robert Covington