[futurebasic] DCOD memory hanging about

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From: "Pete" <furbies@...>
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 01:17:56 +1000
I've discovered that when I call a DCOD I'm developing that a handle the 
same size as the Globals in the DCOD isn't disposed of when the DCOD is

This is what I have for the compile optins for the DCOD:
RESOURCES "src.rsrc","SOCCLADD","DCOD",_moduleRsrcID,"Plugin Module"
COMPILE 0, _DimmedVarsOnly _CaseInsensitive _StrResource

Anyone have any idea(s) why the memory (In the form of a handle) that I
assume is the DCOD's globals isn't being released ??

Actually I'm sure the handle is that of the DCOD globals because I did a
little test: I dimmed a string as a global in the DCOD, put some text into
it and then ran the app that calls the DCOD and then in MW ZoneRanger looked
at the handle in question and the text was there.


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