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From: "Pete" <furbies@...>
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 15:05:14 +1000
>> I've discovered that when I call a DCOD I'm developing that a handle the
>> same size as the Globals in the DCOD isn't disposed of when the DCOD is
>> "finished".
>> This is what I have for the compile optins for the DCOD:
>> RESOURCES "src.rsrc","SOCCLADD","DCOD",_moduleRsrcID,"Plugin Module"
>> COMPILE 0, _DimmedVarsOnly _CaseInsensitive _StrResource
>> Anyone have any idea(s) why the memory (In the form of a handle) that I
>> assume is the DCOD's globals isn't being released ??
>> Actually I'm sure the handle is that of the DCOD globals because I did a
>> little test: I dimmed a string as a global in the DCOD, put some text into
>> it and then ran the app that calls the DCOD and then in MW ZoneRanger looked
>> at the handle in question and the text was there.
> the fact the memory is still used doesn't mean that it is blocked... It may
> have been released but not reclaimed for further use... have you tried
> calling one of those cool Toolbox commands that cause memory to be
> compressed and then look see if the symptoms persist?
> jonathan

Jon, yep I checked that the handle wasn't purgable by getting MW ZoneRanger
to compact & purge. The handle remained...