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From: WarMaster <dereksmi@...>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 23:25:08 -1000
About those pesky Game Sprockets,

I got in touch with TJ today and with his help, the sprockets appear to be
working wonderfully.

I just wanted everyone to know that even having done 99% of the work, it would
have been impossible to finish the job of porting without TJ's much needed
help with several hurdles I faced, so I think a round of thank you's are in
order :-)

TJ also wrote up enough example code to give me a crash course in the
InputSprocket (not to mention some features of C that I was ignorant of) and I
was able to get a program to respond to the CH Gamepad I have, too cool!

The future is looking bright :-)  Everybody send TJ money (ooh!  And me too!) :-P

Hopefully one of us will post a compiled example sometime next week to show
off some features.
-Derek Smith
                   "Pulling the Strings of FuturePuppet"
                            FB 1, Puppets 0
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