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From: Mel & Carol Patrick <mel@...>
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 21:28:21 -0700
>What format is the 64 pixels by 48 pixel thumbnail? Or, how was it created?

Its created by a Sony Mavica camera (a .411 file). Its the image that shows
on the camera back when you're viewing and previewing. I'm writing a
utility for myself so I can preview my floppies of images and copy the ones
I want to a folder of my choosing. Not rocket science.

Oh, the Sony doesn't use a ram card it uses good old fashion PC floppies.
All the images are in two formats (JPG) and 411 files on the floppy. I
could have displayed the JPEG but its takes the same amount of time to read
and display them, so I opted to try using the 411 files instead. TJ helped
with the conversion from whatever language the original code was in.

The 411 files are not RGB, its well, something else and after a few
calculations (with the assistance of TJ), its RGB but to display it, its a
pixel at a time.

Mel Patrick