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From: RMMerrill@...
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 17:34:52 EDT
Robert Merrill wrote:

>I have developed a problem that I can't seem to track down with my 
>present level of expertise. My FB program is consistently crashing into 
>Macs Bug with the following message.
>Bus Error at 05705054 pGopenDoc+00004
>while reading long word from 4E757000 in User data space
>This is when using Mac OS 8.6 on my iMac
>the program runs fine on my Quadra 610 running Mac OS 8.1.

No help was immediately forthcoming, so I went plodding ahead and 
uncovered the following:

If I inserted some code at the start of the FN pGopenDoc in the 
Runtime.INCL file, my problem seems to disappear. For instance I tried 
inserting "CALL DEBUGGER", hoping to drop into MacsBug, but to my dismay, 
it did not go to MacsBug, it just ran the program without the 
aforementioned Bus Error. If I took out the debugger call, the program 
would again crash, not wanting to have a CALL DEBUGGER in my compiled 
code, I decided to just insert some harmless code at that point - so I 
inserted FOR offSet = 1 to 4 : NEXT offSet, and my program runs without 

My current questions revolve around:

A: What is happening here?

B: Dare I just leave this crutch of harmless code in place and call it 
quits? (Because everything is working.)

Help is needed.


        -=  Bob  (-: