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The purpose of our service here is to operate like Barnabus did with Paul (Acts 4,9,11,13) - our ministry is to come alongside of your ministry and enrich it.  We do this by providing an environment (our web and email group services) that your ministry can benefit from.  Our expectation is that your ministry will teach people about the wonderful solution Jesus offers to us for life, and at the same time, enjoy and devote a hobby in God's service.

Like many other free Email Group sites, there is no charge for Email/web Groups to be served from this site.  Unlike most other services, we place no ads in email messages and you'll be in the company of many other Christian ministries and helpful people.  We have been running Email Groups since 1995.

- The salvation of Christ is a free gift of Grace, and not through any "church", law, or work.


Inside MimerDesk...

All Groups benefit from the beautiful MimerDesk Web interface to supplement the very capable e-mail commands that you can use to control how your email is sent out.  All normal moderator commands can also be handled through e-mail as with most mailing list servers.  For a sample list of commands that the subscriber would see, send ANY mail message to bible1year-help@welovegod.org

This email server uses EZmlm (Easy Mailing List Manager) for very fast mail delivery and low maintenance list ownership.  This is a very mature Email Group server installation and is all I could hope for in a server software.  Mail delivery is significantly faster than other systems.  Bounce handling is totally automatic and subscriber friendly.  The Email Group owner is not involved in mail delivery problems.

We handle hundreds of Email Groups with thousands of subscribers.  The full list of Groups is at https://welovegod.org/groups.shtml

If you would like to correspond with any of the existing Email Group owners here about how well the server operates, we can provide many references.

Your job as Group Owner would include the following tasks:

  1. monitor the discussion going on in the group and guide it to focus on the group goal(s) - establish those goals by yourself or in cooperation with its members
  2. help subscribers who are unfamiliar with EZmlm commands
  3. promote the Email Group in your e-mail signature and where appropriate around the 'Net
  4. deal with Email Group abuses, resorting to unsub'ing users and contacting postmasters where req'd
  5. participate in the MODERATOR Email Group, to which all group owners here are subscribed, where system news is announced. There, you can ask for advice on running your Email Group.
  6. immediately remove, and never use any auto-response tools on your email group, such as "Out of Office" or "Vacation Notice". These automated tools will drive away your subscribers and result in your group being deleted


No member minimum - groups can start from scratch!
Moderator can request daily subscription Logs by email command
Subscriber lists available to Moderator in MimerDesk or by email command

Feel free to mail listmaster@welovegod.org with any other questions.

Email Groups
If you would like to start an Email Group at WeloveGod.org, please fill out the following information.

I Acknowledge that My Email Group will:

only allow authenticated opt-in subscriptions (required)
not require membership in an organization that itself requires payment for membership (required)
be used at least once a month (required)
not be used as a promotional tool to support the existence of any for-profit organization or individual (required)
start with, and maintain membership of at least 25 unique, willing individuals (required by welovegod.org)

Setup Needs:

The Email Group name should be Tip: names must have less than 16 characters, using lowercase letters, numbers, and underscore _ if needed.

I want my Email Group address site name to be

The Email Group will communicate in

Digests Available.
Archive only for Subscribers.
Only subscribers can email Group.
Moderated Posting.
Moderated Subscription.
Only Subscribers can email -owner.
Replies go to Group Address.
Styled (HTML) Mail Allowed.
Hide Sender's Email Address.
Sender must Confirm Post.

Details, Details...

Your Email address:

Write at least one paragraph describing your Email Group for potential subscribers - try to answer WHO may
participate, WHAT the group is about, WHY it was started, and HOW many messages they should expect to get
per day. If it exists, include a web page where more detail can be found.

Paste your subscriber addresses here (one address per line): ( Privacy Policy )
Digest Subscribers Web (no email) Readers Regular Subscribers

Each Group request is reviewed for compliance with our ministry objectives, then set up and passed to you to control. (Disclaimer)    Before proceeding, assure that welovegod.org are on your spam-blocker's "whitelist".