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From: "Terrald J. Smith, M.D." <tjsmith@...>
Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 06:14:41 -0500
>>My access is:  AZ$=STR#(_procedureslistSTR,PROCEDURE)
>>If I key the resource as purgeable with ResEdit, the date will easily be
>>garbage after using for awhile, I assume the memory manager tosses it and
>>then the above will not load the information.  If the resource is coded to
>>not be purgeable, then I do not have the garbage data but the program will
>>crash if used for hours generally with a type -39 error.
> If you're going to reuse the same strings over & over, which it appears
> you're doing, it's far better to set up a global array of strings. Load
> the resources into this array at startup, and then just use it.
> In that case, purgeable is fine, and the memory will be released as
> needed. If it's non-purgeable, repeated calls will eventually fragment
> memory until you get the -39.
> Bill

My problem with this (MY problem) is that I cannot figure out how to use the
array issue with over 15000 strings with one resource and about 900 with the