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From: "Terrald J. Smith, M.D." <tjsmith@...>
Date: Wed, 05 May 1999 06:50:28 -0500
> My problem with this (MY problem) is that I cannot figure out how to use the
> array issue with over 15000 strings with one resource and about 900 with the
> other.
> Terrald

Actually this will be tried...I will just Dim 16000 strings and see what
will happen.  I am not sure why this happens though since the STR# is keyed
not only as non-purgeable but is also keyed as preload,  I would think this
would accomplish the same issue since it is not loaded after the program has
been used for a while.

Anyway...not sure how long it will take to load 15210 str# into string$ on
some of the old computers that are using this.  Guess if it stops the
crashes, who cares.  Unless there is a suggestion how to do it without a