[futurebasic] Re: Funny Looking 8.5?

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From: Lucy24@...
Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 11:10:10 EDT
>> Not only what you two describe, but have any of you noticed that programs
like PhotoShop have menus that are a different color than the new off-white
8.5 menus? What is does is to create a horizontal banding of white and
off-white on menus. Any one notice that? <<

That one, at least, is easy to explain: they've got their text output set to 
_srcCopy for black against white when they should be using _srcOr for 
transparent background. Probably just a leftover from when menus were white 
so you wouldn't notice one way or the other. It's a useful little thing to 
keep in mind when you're doing anything of your own that includes text output.