[futurebasic] Re: [FB] TIFF LZW with STAZ FLTRs (was B&W G3 Marching Ants)

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From: "Deepesh Letap" <DLetap@...>
Date: Fri, 07 May 1999 08:16:59 +0100

Now hold on! I use the Staz Image filters and have no problems other than
QuickTime being unable to recognise certain types of TIFF files. If
correctly implemented (and I stress the CORRECTLY) the Staz Image Utilities
work exactly as described.

In terms of viewing files, any file that can be viewed using SimpleText can
be viewed through the Image Filters.

Your crashes could be due to memory problems since graphics have incredible
demands on memory. The resulting errors may not have been correctly handled
and that would almost certainly lead to a crash if assumptions have been
made about validity of handles etc.

When you say your machine crashes when using GIF files made by other
applications, have you checked that they are simply compressed by default
(for example) and you are trying to decompress them (obviously) to view
which is again tripping memory limits?

It is easy to blame our own limitations on others. Frankly, the Staz Image
Utilities as well as the other filters are remarkable value. I bought them
all and have no regrets.


> Yep, it's cheap, but it's totally unreliable.
> I have all the filters (180$), and i would not recommend it
> to anyone. Too bad, i could have used this money for something
> else.
> Sylvain