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From: David Kessler <dkessler@...>
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 21:59:52 +1000
please delete us from your list.

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>What are the correct steps to include strings in a DCOD ??
>I want them as a STR# resource
>thetext$ = "Some text"
As long as you have the _strResource compile option specified then the
above should work fine.  Look in the Project Manager DCOD--there are
similar statements there.
The only time that the _strResource option doesn't work is when you play
with the registers on entry, but it doesn't sound like you're doing that.

>How do I clear the following record
>    DIM someInt%
>    blah blah blah
>I'm not sure that:
>DEF LONGBLOCKFILL (@myRec, _myRecSz, 0)
>works because macsBug reports heap corruption or block error but I'm not
>sure if the DEF LONGBLOCKFILL is the problem.
I use DEF BLOCKFILL with the same parameters and it seems to work fine.
You could try putting @myRec.someInt% in place of @myRec because sometimes
the compiler seems to get confused.

>DCODs are unknown territory
That's all I've been working with for the past few weeks.  There's not
really that much to them, as long as you avoid playing with the registers
unless absolutely necessary.

wave (Toronto, Canada)

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