[futurebasic] RE: [FB] buggy DCOD?

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From: David Kessler <dkessler@...>
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 22:01:42 +1000
Kindly delete us from your list. Thanks

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From:	Pete [SMTP:furbies@...]
Sent:	Monday, 10 May 1999 2:59 PM
To:	futurebasic@...
Subject:	Re: [FB] buggy DCOD?

> Pete, I spent alot of time trying to get a DCODs to work.  The one lesson a
> learnt, was to never have a short in the formal paramaters.  Sometimes they
> worked, sometimes they would crash.  I put it down to it upsetting the
> stack - now I always use longs for all paramaters.  You can always convert
> them back when you enter your code:
> NeededAShort% = TheLongThatWasPassed&
> Jamin

Sounds a bit scary...

Will lookinto this


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