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From: David Kessler <dkessler@...>
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 22:02:50 +1000
Please delete us from your list. Thanks.

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From:	Laurent SIEBENMANN [SMTP:Laurent.SIEBENMANN@...]
Sent:	Monday, 10 May 1999 3:06 PM
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Subject:	[FB] Threaded CGI framework for FB

Dear FB Programmers,

    Many of you are looking to earn a living by programming with
FB.  Best money comes where there is an insatiable need --- for
example in the the construction of web pages for companies new on
the web.  Now (threaded) CGI scripts are it seems to me the nuts
and bolts of heavy-duty commercial web pages.  

    Interested??  Then check out
Steve's terrific threaded CGI framework for FB:

 > >...I'd recommend FutureBASIC to write the cgi-stuff ;o)
 > I have written a threaded CGI framework in FutureBASIC that works very well
 > for developing CGI's. Don't learn PERL if you're a good BASIC programmer.
 > MacPerl has some nasty tricks it plays on your server (like entering into a
 > non-quittable mode forcing a server power-recycle in order to reboot). I've
 > written a number of CGI applications (counter, form processor, redirector,
 > guestbook, bulletin board, payment calculator).
 > http://www.stratfordenterprises.com/tcgi/fbtcgi.html
 > --Steve Stratford
 > Stratford Enterprises

I was bowled over.  Thanks to Steve, on behalf of the many.

                  Larry Siebenmann

PS.  Yes Mac pearl like Mac ghostscript is still not
what the name leads you to expect.
FB on the other hand is far above public expectation.

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