[futurebasic] Computer troubles when creating array of color table resources

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From: Vic Maslen Advanced Materials <maslen@...>
Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 16:05:24 +1000 (EST)
INTRODUCTION TO MY PROBLEM  I wish to create a resource containing an 
array of color tables.  I have succeeded, but after creating an array 
by running the program from the source code, the computer sometimes 
freezes.  This shows up when I attempt to Quit the File. I feel that 
this is the result of a failure to properly "tidy up" and I am looking 
for help to find where I am failing. From experience with several
related programs, I am assuming that it is the creation of resources
that is responsible for upsetting the computer.

A GUIDE TO THE APPROACH TAKEN  I require an array of color table resources
but I am only aware of how to create new palette reources through the
function FN NEWPALETTE.  I therefore created my color tables via palette 
tables.  Because I am creating an array of tables, I believe that I should
reserve sufficient space for all of those before entering the LOCAL FN, which
explains the FN NEWHANDLE calls in the main program. Within the LOCAL FN, 
I used FN NEWHANDLE to reserve space for the Color Tables because, without
this, I found that my color tables were healthy, but the palette tables were 
garbled.  Because INSIDE MACINTOSH warns against using DISPOSHANDLE to 
remove resource handles, I have not yet used DISPOSHANDLE to remove those
Handles which I created with FN NEWHANDLE, which I would normally do.

I am very much hoping that some members of the list will have a glance 
at those instructions which concern resources and guide me towards
a more computer-friendly program.  I have included the LOCAL FN in its 
entirety and, I hope, sufficient of the Main Program to show the
relevant parts of my code.

Yours sincerely
Vic Maslen

DIM thisColor.6
DIM paletteH&(3,120)                   'handle to "pltt" entries
DIM cTableH&(3,120)                    'handle to "clut" entries

REM  Do not dispose of resource handles!
REM  (3,120,25) First index,rotation angle:Second index,tilt angle:
REM  Third index, palette element.

DIM rIndex&
XREF@ rIndex%(3,120,25)                'colour index of red signal
DIM gIndex&
XREF@ gIndex%(3,120,25)
DIM bIndex&
XREF@ bIndex%(3,120,25)
LOCAL FN buildPalResFiles(palName$,beginElem%,finalElem%,rIndexH&,
  REM  This routine uses the stored colour index information to create 
  REM  color palettes
  REM  and color tables for each angle of rotation and tilt.
  REM  Establish link between local handles and parameter list handles
  rIndex& = rIndexH&
  gIndex& = gIndexH&
  bIndex& = bIndexH&
  paletteH&(0,0) = palResH&            'reserve space for these handles
  cTableH&(0,0) = cTabResH&
  vRn% = SYSTEM(_aplVol)
  RFname$ = palName$ + ".rsrc"         'name of resource file
  RFnum% = FN HOPENRESFILE(vRn%,0,RFname$,_fsRdWrPerm)
  LONG IF RFnum% = -1
    title$ = "color palette resource"
    msg$ = "Failed to open resource file"
    FN doWarn(1,title$,msg$,0)
  FOR Irot% = 0 TO 3
    a$ = STR$(45 * (Irot% - 1))        'caption for palette entries
    IF Irot% > 0 THEN a$ = RIGHT$(a$,LEN(a$) - 1)'shed space
    paletteIdStart% = 200 * (1 + Irot%)
    FOR Jtilt% = 0 TO 120
      LONG IF Jtilt% < 42 OR Jtilt% > 48
        b$ = STR$(Jtilt% - 60)         'caption for palette entries
        IF Jtilt% >=  60 THEN b$ = RIGHT$(b$,LEN(b$) - 1)'shed space
        paletteName$ = a$ + "," + b$
        paletteH&(Irot%,Jtilt%) = FN NEWPALETTE(_maxColour + 1,0,_pmTolerant,
        cTableH&(Irot%,Jtilt%) = FN NEWHANDLE _clear(240)
        paletteId% = paletteIdStart% + Jtilt%
        thisColor.red% = 65535:thisColor.green% = 65535
        thisColor.blue% = 65535'white
        CALL SETENTRYCOLOR(paletteH&(Irot%,Jtilt%),0,#@thisColor)
        CALL SETENTRYUSAGE(paletteH&(Irot%,Jtilt%),0,_pmTolerant,0)
        'exact color
        thisColor.red% = 0:thisColor.green% = 0:thisColor.blue% = 0'black
        CALL SETENTRYCOLOR(paletteH&(Irot%,Jtilt%),1,#@thisColor)
        CALL SETENTRYUSAGE(paletteH&(Irot%,Jtilt%),1,_pmTolerant,0)
        'exact color
        FOR Kelem% = beginElem% TO finalElem%
          LONG IF Kelem% <> 10
            peIndex% = Kelem% - 1
            thisColor.red% = 257 * rIndex%(Irot%,Jtilt%,peIndex%)
            thisColor.green% = 257 * gIndex%(Irot%,Jtilt%,peIndex%)
            thisColor.blue% = 257 * bIndex%(Irot%,Jtilt%,peIndex%)
            CALL SETENTRYCOLOR(paletteH&(Irot%,Jtilt%),Kelem% + 1,#@thisColor)
          END IF
        NEXT Kelem%
        CALL ADDRESOURCE(paletteH&(Irot%,Jtilt%),_"pltt",paletteId%,
        CALL ADDRESOURCE(cTableH&(Irot%,Jtilt%),_"clut",paletteId%,
        paletteName$)'empty colour tables
        CALL PALETTE2CTAB(paletteH&(Irot%,Jtilt%),cTableH&(Irot%,Jtilt%))
      END IF
    NEXT Jtilt%
  NEXT Irot%

'-------------------------------Main Program
DIM 6 palName$                         'name of palette
DIM 2 palType$                         'left,right or full
DIM rIndex&
XREF@ rIndex%(3,120,25)
DIM gIndex&
XREF@ gIndex%(3,120,25)
DIM bIndex&
XREF@ bIndex%(3,120,25)


REM  Calculate an intensity index on a 5/9th power law scale for each signal.
REM  First, reserve memory for these indices.

size& = 4 * 121* 26 * 2                'size for one degree tilt intervals
rIndex& = FN allocateHandle(size&)
gIndex& = FN allocateHandle(size&)
bIndex& = FN allocateHandle(size&)

REM  Build color palette resources
palResH& = FN NEWHANDLE _clear(4 * 121 * 480)'room for 30 entries
cTabResH& = FN NEWHANDLE _clear(4 * 121 * 240)'room for 30 entries

FN buildPalResFiles(palName$,beginElem%,finalElem%,rIndex&,gIndex&,bIndex&

REM  Dispose of handles no longer required
FN disposeHandle(rIndex&)
FN disposeHandle(gIndex&)
FN disposeHandle(bIndex&)