[futurebasic] memory bloat revisited

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From: Lucy24@...
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 15:16:36 EDT
Original question, with snipping:

>A tester reported that one of my games consistently crashed her mac at 
certain points. After close investigation she discovered that the thing grabs 
3.5-4 megs of RAM _at startup_ with monitor set to 256. (On my Mac it takes 
around 1.3 at startup-- at "millions.") None of my other games behave this 
way on her Mac; she gave me the whole set of numbers and they're pretty much 
in line with my own memory levels (in the 1.5 - 2.5 range depending on how 
many sounds and gWorlds are involved). Just the one aberration. <

Al suggested:

>> Ask her if she had any graphics stored on the clipboard when trying to run 
 your game. When an FB created app is launched, the contents of the clipboard 
 is stored in the applications memory. If your tester uses a program such as  
Photoshop often, it's possible that she may almost always have a PICT on the  
clipboard taking up several Mb. >>

I'd forgotten about the clipboard thing-- but no luck, I'm afraid (AND she's 
now having the same problem on the latest version of Xanadu alpha, but not on 
other apps, though at this point we're afraid to TRY them!). More stuff, 
still hoping something will ring a bell with someone--

-- problem can happen right after clean startup with empty clipboard (and she 
doesn't use any huge graphics programs anyway)
-- the actual files involved haven't secretly gotten bigger (main app, art & 
sounds each around 500K, but only the code stays in memory full-time)
-- memory use isn't affected by changing monitor bitdepth
-- she suggested it might have something to do with HFS (can y'all tell we're 
grasping at straws?)
-- to make sure it wasn't a universal 8.x thing, we had someone with 8.5 try 
it out, no wonkies reported

Here's the really interesting discovery:

No matter how high or low she sets the app's preferred memory, it will take 
about 95% of that amount. Set it to 1500, it will use 1400. Set it to 10 
megs, it will use 9.7.

I would love to be able to step back and say that the problem is simply that 
her Mac is going bonkers and she'd find the same memory thing happening with 
any & all other applications, it's just coincidence that she noticed it in 
mine because she's testing and paying extra attention, but, but, but...

"Some look at the way things are and ask Why? Others look at the way things 
are and ask Why Me?"